As the sun falls upon uncovered shoulders, heating up the


passion, that arouses the soul. As the temperature rises,


pleasurable sweat saturates the lining of his heart…


I drift closer, in the sheer white gown he had sent to me, in a


crimson colored box adorned in extravagant jewels.


He is the one who has imprisoned my soul. He loses himself,


in a lifetime sentence of passionate kisses…


Immersed in his laughter I weep, I can’t contain the feelings


that have established dwelling of despair which hides within my


heart…The mood has altered; a forgotten feeling now finds


desire within his polished charm.


He holds me, like a violent storm turns the tide. I drink of his


flavored kiss, flourish at his touch… I take hold of the elegant


splendor that has captured my imagination.


I forever hold him in my thoughts, for that’s where hope and


dreams are made.


Everlastingly ~ in my soul….

Dani Thornton-Stock

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