Whisper of your Thoughts


If the truth be told, how do I really feel, with a whisper of your

thoughts, which interrogated my restless soul?


My heart is imprisoned with your undying love, that my

capacity to feel is diminished, as I grow numb with each

innovated experience.


You extend yourself towards me when I’m easily broken, like

a porcelain doll handpicked to perfection.

You keep hold of me when I am weak, like the man without

limbs to hold himself ~ you become my breath of life, to this

wounded child when I start to suffocate, to all



Your love is the unveiling of pristine passion, over flowing

with the colors of crimson and lavender, laced in platinum, and

woven into the remnants of my life.


Without you, I would surely depart this life of dysfunction…

The thread of my life would begin to unravel ~ I would

incarcerate my heart to a life sentence.


Love heals the soul, like water to lilies in misplaced fields, and

cuisine that pass the lips to an unnourished uninhibited shell.

To truly love this child is to look beyond her scares ~ the

chains that bind her heart, that at times have taken her into the

cavity of despair.


See her and all she has to render…


Fix your eyes on, the beauty that hides, behind tears of fear and

the soul what is God-given, that your precious insight are soft

voices from unknown angels, that binds the benevolence in your



©Dani Thornton-Stock

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