Speckled Angels


As I gather my strength, to glimpse through the murky waters in which have tainted my way of thinking, I rummage around for the hope that God is bona fide.

As tears plummet, commencing from wounded eyes, I sense a tranquility of your awareness. Angels draw together around me. I undergo your presence, but yet my eyes do not witness.

Come nearer little one, she nourishes from my gentle palm. She feeds without hesitation; she trusts this unfamiliar creature of a dissimilar kind.

I obtain a breather on her mended wing, for am I worthy of her trust?

In the mist of our anguish, God releases his angels. When I needed it most and desired to see, I wasn’t unaided. A given gift, of an auburn speckled sparrow, to trust and take from my heart.

A tiny morsel of bread, the giving and receiving of faith, between two unfamiliar creatures, together sent by means of God.

Copyright 2011 Dani Thornton Stock

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