Stripping me Bare


I love you, with all of my heart and soul. You are so good to my heart, more than anything, when you reach for me, I  feel your love, pouring out of you. Thank you, for  cooling your jets,  you are truly a man of your word. I see myself as a delicate flower, slowing starting to blossom outwardly into the  flower God  had set forth in my life’s path.
A bud held tightly together, thoughts immersing  themselves only through  words transcribe on paper. Thoughts, know one can take from you or  change the meaning, for they  belonged to me and me only. Baby. I cannot share with you enough, you have touched something inside of me ,that has been untouchable.  The man that you are, the touch that you have, the love and gentleness in which you display, are all stripping me bare. And for the first time in my life, my heart is starting to feel light and unrestricted. What a awesome feeling when I can stand and feel secure and transparent, in loving and taking in love. If I could give a noble peace prize award for a formula called Love, Baby, you would be the winner.  You have already surpass my  hearts capacity to feel any type of love and I know it is just the beginning and we are  going to blow it away, our love will become untouchable. and through time and testimony  we will show all of a powerful  powerful love. A closeness that most only dream of. 
In a short version, you are the most precious thing in my life and your love kisses my heart  with every beat, that I take.
Oceans of love and a kiss on every wave, sweetheart.  Your girl,Cashmereheart

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