For a beautiful soul, who’s hurting, I love you…..



Who am I? I don’t even recognize, who this girl is any longer.

All I catch sight of, is a silhouette which replicates a soul ~

who once radiated life…

I am lost in a constant state of confusion, my mind drifts into

another time, while my heart whimpers.

Please heed me, draw closer to my expression, for my soul is

delicate, my way of thinking acquires refuge on my exterior.

I’m not going to make it; this frail, tattered girl has emptiness

inside ~ that not even love could possibly fill.

She has taken her mind to a beautiful retreat, where fairy dust

falls, beneath angel’s feet, this heavenly find an ever lasting


She has barren her heart, to pain and sorrow, which always

finds away to trickle over into tomorrow.

So withdrawn she does stay, mystifies

all that she sees; now no

one can hurt her, not even defeat…

Copyright Dani Thornton~Stock

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