My mind stays hidden; it’s a safe haven for my soul. I feel I’m

not perfect ~ through perfection I would be would be worthy of

love. Through this shattered women’s eyes, and little girl’s heart,

worthy is a fathers love, daddy’s beautiful girl, a husbands most

precious gift.

Worthy is someone you cherish, the apple of your eye, the

joyousness you sense deep within your heart. Someone whom you

can’t imagine yourself without, whether it is a father or husband,

you are linked like no other, he becomes your place of haven…

The men you can trust ~ take rest in, you absorb his love; his

limbs become a sanctuary ~ to you. You astonish him, you are his

princess. You glisten bright as the brightest stars, hung amongst

heaven. Then knowing what storm encompasses your life,

sadness infiltrating your every thought, you will find refuge within

his soul.

Your heart gazes to him and smiles, it radiates perfection ~

there is no grander place to be. He is your source of strength, he

becomes everything. I’ve never experienced that intensity of love

beforehand. So the perfection level I keep for myself ~ is


Somewhere in time, I’ll sneak a glimpse to watch opened eyed,

at what I have never experienced. To frighten to expose my

imperfections, I linger myself in the shadows of my soul. For if I

stay to long…teardrops cascades now and again.

As it falls upon insolvent soundless heart, my mind rummages

around for that slice of me, which has been omitted my entire


Reality reflected by dreams; my heart swathe within my attic of


Copyright Dani Thornton~Stock

One Response to “Wounded”

  1. Such deep and personal expressions. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

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