In a Heartbeat……..

 I don’t know where to start, so many emotions for you my love. Where are conversations come from, Wow! 

I think  about loving you forever also, yes that final connection where two become one, body, mind and spirit. The thought just overwhelms my body. Sweetheart, I am so so honored you would want to spend your final days with me. 

Words cannot explain that you want me to love you for eternity. Tears flood my vision. Baby, I am so enmeshed with you without touch, And my body quivers at that thought, the power of love, that is going to be present when we finally meet. I cannot even fathom a love like this, and I do believe in miracles. What an honor to be loved by a man like you, my precious, precious, man of mine.  

You captivate my thoughts, enrich my spirit, sooth my soul, your love dries my tears and Shelters me in your arms. In you baby, I want to get lost, lost in your love forever and ever, 40 plus years worth!   I want to love you, like you never have been loved and I want the same from you in return. I don’t want to find where you begin and I end. I want the moonlight to shine across our sweet faces, as we lay under crimson linens, together and dream, 

I want you to be the last one, I see before I sleep and the first one, and I see when I awake. I want to sweeten your coffee with morning kisses, whisper to you sweet and tender passionate wishes. I want you near to my heart. 

You have caressed my body without touch, only your words , do I recognize  and now I am waiting for you,  to caress my body with your heart, body and soul,

Take all of me, for I have finally surrendered to a love, that I thought, I would never witness.  

When the light of love within my heart, resemble a muted whisper, God pointed towards the east, and their you were , my darling, my prince ,on his white stallion, to rescue this broken heart from her darkness. 

 Baby, in a heartbeat……………….         


© Dani Thornton-Stock


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