Translucent Lips



As I, acquaint myself with the clandestine essence which


reference’s divine passion, our souls merge, riding on top of


winter white waves, which bask on secluded shore.


Enmeshed hearts reflect passion ~ which is absorbed into an


astonishing horizon.


As you, efficiently kiss translucent lips, “smothered” encircled


by crystals, resembling sugar cane ~ whereabouts grows within a


tropical paradise, I collapse within commanding physique.


My body frail ~ torched by obsession, burning in the vein of


fire beneath heaven, an inferno which only portrays hell itself.


Tiptoeing within ashes of dysfunction, pleasurable gardens


reside by means of your responsive touch.


Revive me my love, with kisses until eternity…


Bring life to my soul; disrobe my chains ~ which have shackled


my heart, provoke my spirit, as the forthcoming of an


extraordinary daybreak, relentlessly, forever relentlessly.


Copyright Dani Thornton-Stock


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