Solitary Petal



Each time your beautiful chocolate eyes scrutinize an elegant


scarlet rose, remember me…


As it thrives in the warmness of the sun ~ drinks of the rain for


its continued existence, remember me…


Your persisted love, has taught me to take in love, as my walls


tumble. Like that of the petals that have fallen softly to the


ground. Our hearts have endured many windstorms, many in


which have trampled my soul.


The delicate scent which lingers behind, in the coolest of


nights will by no means subside.


As my memories take a rest on makeshift bed of rose petals, I


will always remember how you took hold of this fragile heart ~


radiated love into this imperfection of a girl…


So, with every single rhythm of your heart, remember me…


As I, will by no means close my eyes to the love that we shared.


This solitary petal that you embrace within your palm is a


souvenir of my heart, for all eternity.


I resolve to forever ~ love you…

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