” Epiphany”

Why is it, when we observe a movie, it can articulate our soul, as if the words have become an utterance as of our own heart? I’ve prayed moments in time, through innumerable tears, dear God, please give them an epiphany, something has to give.

And tonight I collided with a violent sea of emotions. My head is whirling, breathless, my mind-set being traumatized, within uneven white waters.  As I attempt to intake of breath, it’s as if heavens gates have divided, an illustration of my life. I make a clean breast; I am an extremely visual thinker.

 Wow “Epiphany “is something for my life, not someone else’s. I have used up my entire existence, I won’t say how many years young I am, those of you who know me, mum is the word, giving and doing for everyone, friends, family, children, husband, school, church, and neighbors and never for myself. I was by no means on that list; my list was a naked piece of paper, so tarnished and tattered.

I am nowhere to be found, the passion in which captivates every part of my being is hidden, stagnate within indistinguishable waters. I have loved with the deepest of love, have waited, trusted, given, and hoped for. We all make decision in our life, some naive others blameless; nowhere does it say I have to live incomplete, I deserve the ultimate life as to offer.


©Dani Thornton-Stock

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