His Words Strip her Bare

He continues to drill her, his words, a proven point to harm her heart. Their sofa turns into an witness stand, as he rephrased the question over and over.  Her answer doesn’t  be of same mind,  so he just becomes more relentless. His voice elevates as the response isn’t clear and concise enough for him.


Her fragile heart cries, her voice tries to answer through her unspoken tears, the way her mind thinks. But his vile words of expression confuse her thoughts.  His intimidation, the hurtfulness from his lips, “the double-edged sword of love “rears its ugly self once more.


It’s 4am and it’s as cold as if an Arctic wind, blankets her body, as he slumbers in the same bed, hotter than hell. She tosses and turns in the attic of her confusion.


Why does he have to be so harsh, why does he think she has to answer a simple question, to his way of thinking. If not, it doesn’t stop until he reduces her to a pile of ruins! He strips her bare, it’s a naked coldness for her emotions. His tone hitting hard and all for what?


Love doesn’t have to be so wounding and merciless at times, does it? Is verbal abuse just as injurious, or does it devastate  more? Do words really hit harder than a fist? She’s not a coarse character, she is a girly girl, and breathes for love,  wears her heart on her sleeve, and they ( him) become one of the most precious to her heart. She would never hurt, lie, mislead or upset him.


As, she closes her eyes and wraps her heart up to protect it, thoughts will linger until first light. She leaves you with this, she loves with the deepest of love for him and hurts with the deepest of pain. Big or small, her wounds, still seem to bleed the same.



It reminds her of a song. Remind me, of all the things you use to do, that made me fall in love with you, Remind Me!




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