Unbutton Passion, Remind me to Breathe!

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My feelings pertaining to love visually displays “my  cup runneth over “.

For the first time in my life I LOVE deeply, more profoundly and a unconditional LOVE for the man in my life. For so many years, too many to count I’ve held back loving, he wasn’t getting all of me, for if I did the pain would be so great to witness I couldn’t possibly survive. The pain of loss, sadness, conflicts, my endless list, I would surely depart this world. My best friend teased me and nick named me “the black widow “she meant this in a nice way, her reasoning they fell in love and I didn’t. My heart was so guarded; the wall I built for myself was a replica of the Great Wall of China. Don’t misunderstand I cared, I loved; just not to the capacity I was capable. Before you judge, haven’t…

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