I wonder where it is? Almost 1 year……..

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As, I send this bottle of passionate dreams, adrift in a sea of

affection, along pathways etched in golden ecstasy,

knowing that when your  beautiful starlit eyes glance upon it,

you have enthralled my heart enriched my soul beyond

imagination ~ aroused my thoughts…


Most delight in the sound of love, so the voyage is set in

motion. Few ever find it; we experience it on the surface, but to

have it touch the depths of my soul is beyond my minds capacity

to expose it self.


So my heart has taken legal action over my expressions.

Through depths of my pain, our hearts have joined. So from

now on, my visions will embrace yours with love and passion,

wrapping us up in flames of desire.

Light which flickers beginning within our souls, now burns

bright, diminishing a past of cruel sensation.


I’ll lighten your hand…

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