It’s all……..


We come into this thing called life, (LOVED) the apple of someone’s eye, a precious being. And then somewhere down that road things get ugly, people hurt, disfunction takes over and that life, that LOVE becomes a distant faded memory.

Your spirit holds on to it like a violent storm, you engulf yourself in mindset, that it was real and it was the first feeling you had ever encountered. Nothing more intense then to be swaddled in such an abundance of LOVE.

She doesn’t remember much of this love, but she feels it had to exist, because too much love flows through her being. It is all that she believes in, it is the air in which she breaths……. It is her life and it is all she speaks of, as if her outer coverings resemble, nothing but LOVE……….

It is her lifeline to her well being, WHY she weeps, WHY is it so important to her?


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