She wanders within halls of loneliness, she waits for a gesture from him, yet he is clueless. She loves him with every fiber of his being, yet he thinks just residing within the same corridors is enough for her, but it is so far from truth.

She holds on to that thread of life that he will remind her of the man she fell madly in love with. The emotions are close at heart; they are real, just vacant shelved waiting their time to expire.   Does he love her enough to reach for her, to shelter her heart, or does he really give consideration to it?

Her heart has instructions, not by words on paper, but in her tears, her non verbal expressions. Does he care enough to learn how to interpret them; she knows he loves her even through unsympathetic ambiance.

She aches and wants with the deepest of passion but it cascades on deaf ears. Does he damage her love by neglect? She waits silently, waiting for a sign, a token of his affection, hopefully by the time he realizes, her love hasn’t vanished.

The autograph of his love, written within her heart, absorbed within her soul, has to be worth waiting for……….


©Cashmere Heart

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