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 Have you EVER experienced genuine LOVE?  Is this kind of Love seldom seen by two?

This love that devours your every attention, that solitary being in which you’re thoughts and your absolute existence revolves around every movement of their soul.  Does your emotions railroad as the crow flies to your heart, a round trip ticket which relentlessly proceeds, there is no getting off this machine. This out of control LOVE train collides into you, yet you are aware of no anguish, just an overwhelming feeling that nestles unfathomable within your body?

 Do you gaze at them and feel delicate; do your insides sense a pleasant emotion, a responsive feeling, as they walk past you, as he or she mentions your name, gently brushes your countenance?

 Do you come vibrant and feel eternally 16 again?

 Do you cry uncontrollably with each harsh word spoken between you in the heat of the…

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