” A gift of kindness”

Do you ever wonder, what life would be like without you being born?

I starting writing this post and I received a message that a mother in her late 30s fainted today, hit her head and went to be with the Lord. Leaving behind 2
little boys. And it stop me right in my tracks. It could happen to any of us.

Life is so precious, life is never promised. All the wealth in this world cannot resume breath into her body. Her family  will never be the same, nor will the people she has touched in her life, maybe just by her smile, a kind word, a warm embrace, a gift of kindness. 

Her children will be the testimony to her love, her character, and all that she had given them, through her patience, time, tears, hugs, encouragement, laughter, her faith, fun, discipline and maybe just that mothers look, of ” I don’t think so ” 

I pray she lives on through her children, her husband, and  her friends. That every shed tear, is a reminder of her greatness, gratitude, and most of all her LOVE. 

We so often, get wrapped up in this thing called life and its luxuries, that we forget, that people,  all people have feelings and hurt and love and what was once there, may be taken away in a heartbeat. No second chances, no do overs, no I’m sorry.  

So today, let it be everyones goal, to give a gift,  not touchable treasures but ” A GIFT OF KINDNESS” 

Please lift this family up in prayer, and don’t allow another sun to rise and fall without giving your gift of kindness. You know,  who is in need of it most, my friend.

Sending hugs, and may life give you love, happiness, gentleness, compassion, peace, health,  joy, wisdom and a thankful heart for those who have prayed for you and loved you. 


Xo Cashmereheart 


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