Sadness consumes her mind, her heart is caught in high tide of emotions. Can he really be? He’s a mystery and her thoughts are so far out of reach, shes beginning to question their authenticity.

She’s looks through a steamed filled mirror, where she used to inscribe ” I loves you ”
” X’s & O’s ” lip prints of passion, outlined etched edges. Now as her fingers parts the steam, a distant residue of the past, where all she sees, is loneliness, a wounded soul, a heart which has been trampled by hurtful words, belittle, and casted aside, for it’s all about him, his wants, his needs, a need to control, to make himself reside, as the king of his castle.

Deeply connected, he doesn’t need to control her thoughts, her actions, she has his best interest at heart, in all things. Why does he feel he has to seize to compassion,empathy,
and a gentle hand?

Where is the unconditional love, his best foot forward, his priority, her well being? As his feathers raise and he puffs out his bare chest, it becomes her reality, it’s all about him, once more.

She’s strong, but she knows he feels she weak, because she cannot endure he’s vile words, his hatefulness, his callousness.

Kindness is mistaken for weakness, once more!

Her mind wraps around, is love suppose to hurt this much?


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