Letter to a friend

I am so sorry, your heart is broken. Hearts take a long time to heal. Once you have given it and someone breaks it, it can seem like a lifetime of healing. Why does love have to hurt so much, why do eyes have to cry for so long? Why is love a double-edged sword? These are questions I ponder myself.

For me, the greatest pain, is to bare your heart and soul, becoming transparent and loving like you have never have, and then you are stomped on, hurt, rejected, your heart ripped apart and discarded. All for what? Because someone was lazy in love, lied to you, make promises that should of not been made in the beginning.

I share your pain my friend and my heart cries for you, for I walked in your shoes. I love with the greatest of love, given with the kindest of heart, cared for him as a king, all to be taken for granted.

I’m sending a portion of my heart, to share with you, full of love, but hurting beyond recognition at times. But my soul knows love will see me through and I will get the love I desire and you will as week, my friend. Never close your heart to love.

Sending hugs, Cashmereheart

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