Emotional Seclusion

Eyes closed….thinking……. Worth it?????

Cashmereheart's Blog

What is left of her life, when she resides beneath ebony skies, emotional seclusion. Their is light surrounding, the room is full of things, sounds, smells and yet she feels so isolated. She feels as, a whisper in a taunting wind and an uncompromising kind, spirals towards total darkness itself.

He sees, but he does not hear, he listens, but does not see. Her heart is swirling losing control, lost, its time to expire may be near, yet she can witness his heart beat, smell his sweet breath, feel is touch, distinguish his tone and take refuge within laughter, if only for a brief encounter.

Her mind walks a desolate highway, while he watches the other direction, gazing fake reality. As she withdraws, deeper within herself, the walls of discouragement blind her sight. She becomes cold, shivers, an emotional nakedness covers her flesh. Voices beckons her name, now she lens…

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