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To my sweet baby,

Not a minute passes, in which I don’t feel your love .I carry it inside of my heart. My heart is overwhelmed from time to time for the love I feel for you. My mind, can’t stop wanting to immerse itself by touching you. Sometimes, when I caress your body, my soul melts, my skin covers yours, like a satin sheet, which covers all of you, as you slumber. I merge on so many different occasions, on one given day, when I am with you. You have become everything to me, and without you, Your love, touch, gentle words, I would no longer reside in this body.

And, I’m thanking God  once again, for sending such a beautiful man to me, my lover, my prince, my best friend, the best gift I have ever received. You are my hearts treasures.

I love you. forever and a day.

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