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Always ~ kiss me good night, as we lie sandwiched between

secrets in lace. Keep your arms near, to my velvety skin that

inhabits at the essence of your being; enmesh your limbs around

my soul.


Take your finger ~ emboss the delicate scent which flows

straight from my heart.


Love me; captivate my spirit with the passion, in which I am

caught up in a downpour, commencing from your arteries, like

vintage wine, beyond the cost that a heart can meet the expense



Softly whisper my name, as you indulge in my affection, which

brings forth an enticing emotion to ravish this naked body.

Encumber your soul with the knowledge of sensual fantasies,

in which impairs your vision to a love; you thought never existed,

merely hiding in the shadows of embarrassment, within a

passionate heart.


©Dani Thornton~Stock

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