Nakedness of my Soul…….

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Have you ever thought about marrying someone you have never seen or met face to face? A mail order spouse stamped “NO RETURN TO SENDER”, to only know them through the words, which are narrated from their heart.

Or has your heart been shelved in the lost and found too long, waiting for its turn to expire? It’s not like you will pass them on the streets of desperation, millions of miles may separate you. Would you be able to bare your soul to them, becoming transparent (nothing spoken left untouched)? Or would you pad the truth for self-indulgence? You know the tone of their voice so well, but their image remains a foggy haze. Your imagination runs on the wild side, visually your mind reflects velvety countenance, sweet obsession and daring to dream of a touch embezzling my spirit.

I did just that, without touch my heart fused with…

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