Blow me a Kiss, I’ll throw you a line

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My Sweet love,

I am feeling blue, your pain and what you have endured just makes my heart cry out for you, and I am sorry you have had to see so much hardship and pain. I saw a different side of you last night, one I have not witnessed before hand.

I sense a strong being, one whom wears a shield of armor, but my eyes also see a depleted soul, a soul thirsting for love and tenderness, to be cherished, honored and appreciated. Is this why you say you drown in my love, because I give you an over abundance of what I mentioned above?

Baby, I love you so much, you are my gift, just as you haven’t experienced it, neither have I. Your love and who you are, and when you reach for me, it’s as I dance in the shadows of my past. It is time…

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