Fragments of Beauty

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To hurt, beyond the deepest pain, that is afflicted by the

proceedings of another. I roam a hectic thoroughfare, only to feel

the isolation, which has taken legal action over my mindset.

I feel that a hole has been pulverized throughout my soul. My

heart is traumatized ~ my body without sensation. Can I chance

upon myself, to find the internal potency; I necessitate elevating

my body, from bended knee?


Taste the tears, which plummet from my heart like rainfall.

Encase my soul with your hand filled with love, before I mislay it

at the foundation of an unoccupied vessel. The sorrowfulness

that has paralyzed my thoughts leaves me weeping in a shadowy

sterile highway.


To love this deeply yet again is something, I must abandon. To

open ones heart for the first time, was better left untouched. To

trust and confide in another’s soul, is the…

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