My Heart Cries

Cashmereheart's Blog


Strength which lies within vast visions,

behind closed doors,

remains a spirited sanctuary. Winds which

seep, through cracks of

weather walls, whisper softly to an already

trodden soul.

I lie unresponsively ~ on tattered floor, as

my heart cries out…my tears fall between

crevices amid  heavens entry.

Deficient competence, brings to the fore my

 remnants, becomes unpromising.

I was expecting you, like the eye of the

 storm, tranquil and

magnificent. You observe me as I sleep

 lightly, whilst personal affects around me ~

 whirl out of control.

Threadbare pages of times gone by,

 portrayal of a masterpiece,

only distinguished by God…

As you kneel by my side, I’m conscious of

 succulent affect, like

the sun has position herself, through the

 windows of my restlessness.

Scatter my kisses to the wind; let it be

 reminiscent of thy heart,

which disperses fragments of a transparent

 effect, falling within

undisturbed ground…


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