Sweet Obsession

Cashmereheart's Blog

Orange blossoms begin to come into flower,

on the garden vine in my heart.


The sweet aroma sets forth a passage to a

clandestine affair.


Between fate and reality,

 your eyes reflect the beauty that is

seeping in and out of my soul.


Breathless, this sweet fragrance becomes

 toxic, I can’t  concede defeat. 

For it will  carry me away to indulge in the

 ecstasy of an  illicit fixation.


 I quietly amble barefoot,

 beyond you in my tattered

negligee, which once radiated life.


Now, the bare essentials are all I have to

 offer. You, effortlessly extend your

rugged  hands into mine, a perfect fit like

a glove of an evening suitor.


I hesitate, afraid, my body quivers. Will his

 heart merge with mine, and stumble upon

my frailties?


Will he gaze beyond the

uncertainties, which seem to linger in my



Or is the aroma…

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