Autograph of Love

Autograph of Love

The distance of your voice, surrounds my heart like a rainbow

embracing heavens edge. The love in which I feel for you ~ is

unfamiliar to my soul. Soul mates lost in time, only to regain our

secret feelings without touch…millions of miles in time.


In you I feel as a child, innocent feelings illustrating ~ a

beautiful girl, enthralling my soul. I stroll; ponder thoughts which

take pleasure in moonlight kisses… Falling beneath heavens right

of entry… Eyes wide open; there is no need to stay a fugitive for

I have secreted my heart within the shadows of my essence….


Have you been there all along, I was just too blind to witness…

Have two broken roads we both have traveled, detoured into our

hearts destiny…Do I dare to dream of a gentle touch, embezzling

my spirit?


As, I stand in the midst of a mid summer night, moist fog

slowly reclines her head upon the banks of an inconceivable

shore. I see you everywhere; I sense your heart beat

simultaneously with God’s creatures, a symphony of gratifying passion….

My hands grow weary ~ as they bring to the fore my hem, a

childish act ~ dancing bare footed within the mirror image of

your love.


 Silent breeze interweaves my curls, floating flawlessly

within reach of your statue. I sense you’re forthcoming as gentle,

kind, compassionate, a burning desire to be loved, yet I must



Apprehensive of being loved, to the measures in which are

trapped within my heart, I wavier. Stepping back disguising

shattered footings, in hopes you won’t catch sight of.


Nevertheless, the softness in your tone lingers. Portrait of a

brilliant star, which twinkles on my perspective bringing me to a

place my heart, has never witnesses before.

As I cover my heart in scented petals,

Permeating a path, breathlessly awaiting your ungloved



©2010 Dani Thornton-Stock




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