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My heart wanders the streets of loneliness, my thoughts to
deep to comprehend, shelved for another time. If I amble
between raindrops, won’t you notice the tears that descend from
my eyes are one with me?

As I see your face I long to hold you, the touch of your skin is
my desire. I fear of what lustful passion will nestle deep alone in the

A misplaced feeling, a warm embrace, an affectionate kiss, is it
to much to hide? Two bodies that waltz interwoven in the
moonlight, sending-off a silhouette alongside a harvest moon.

Souls that merge into one, a feeling a heart never forgets ~
inspiring emotions out of lust…Hearts that fasten are hearts that
experience eternal love.

I want to love you like no other; your softness sends a
reminder of all that is missing. As you lay your hand upon my
breast ~ I quiver, my breath grows shallow ~ my scarlet lips

Your kiss transcends my soul into a blustery storm. I’m losing
sight of all that I have held on to.

You have enlightened my heart. I hold on to you like the spirit
that has imprisoned exquisiteness of our youth.

Forbidden to feel such ecstasy, I immerse into your soul, like
the sand that slips through our fingers, to become one with the
tide yet again.

©Dani Thornton-Stock

Lost Love Letter

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Hi Baby,

I have been doing the same thing for the past 3 years, cleansing myself. There is no way to move on if you don`t. That ball and chain, that shadow of the past, the material reminders, all had to go, so that I would be able to be myself again and be able to give all of myself to another woman. I learned all about what rebound love is, and for having changed my mind about it, I am a much better man and have the respect for myself that I have to have.

Baby Girl , I felt in my heart that you were out there and that I wanted to be totally clean and dust free for when you landed in my arms , and for having a respect for myself , I would be able to give the respect to a woman that would be deserving of a man of that caliber. My darling……

Always and Forever,

Lover Sir Hugs A lot

Pssst……Just for You

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I thought of a traditional Happy New Year greeting and then I saw this,
 The Seven Wonders. This is my card to you. Close your eyes, and think of what you feel are the seven wonders of the world to you.
 Life is so very precious, seize each and every moment, take the time to enjoy, the little things around you.
 Love like is was the first time. Share like there is no tomorrow, raise your eyes to the heavens, and thank God, for  the  warm sun, is shinning on your sweet face, the next time you walk past a stranger, smile and  say hello, it may be the only one they receive.
Be a gift to everyone that you meet, for the shoes they walk in, we may never know. Love unconditionally, for someday you made need  unconditional love.
I wish you a wonderful New Year Each of you, hold a very special place in my heart,
 Forever and always.
I love you…………….Cashmere Heart

Her heart better left untouched…….

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Her heart is fading; she witnesses it detached from her body, her insignificant silhouette exposed. Love becomes the pool of blood, she lies within, and it embraces her feeble remains drenched within oppression. Is this her fate?

  She loves him with everything that she is, but yet her feelings illustrate evidence, she is naught in his eyes, for if she was, he wouldn’t indulge her with such hatefulness. Her fragile spirit is concealed in the corner of their disheartened home. He doesn’t lengthen his palm in love or tend to her tears, or comfort her for the damages he has done. He seems to be imminent, often in an emotional threatening expression. His tone destroys her, he picks on her, he judges, he lashes out, and he tells her women don’t cry, where is your back bone. She hungers for intimately, yet his tones produces, find a whore. Should such vile words of expression flow from his untamed lips? She had risked it all, to come to him.

 How does her broken heart, maintain loving him, when his compassion level is that of a wild animal? How does she not become “Jaded “?  Her eyes become swollen beyond recognition, she has nowhere to turn. She gave him her heart, he promised to take good care of it, but he has allowed conditional love to control his mood swings, for his past controls his thoughts. 

She can dream and ponder thoughts of the man she fell in love with, but reality is “Blemishes in a hollow tree “there feels like, nothing is left. He constantly tells her, “I’m a good man “how does he know what that even is? His role model, someone whom treated him badly, picked on him, destroyed him at times, leaving him broken and bruised. But yet, her ears lend to the whispers, he also, was a good man.

Life is too short to live in pain, to feel the greatest broken heart that another human being can afflict on someone whom they say they love with all of their heart. Now she knows why, her heart was better left untouched.

She is exhausted; her tears emerge together within Gods streams, destination the endless sea. Is it too late to pick up the pieces, does she remember what her knees are for, or should she travel that lonely road again?

© Cashmereheart ~ Dani Thornton Stock

His Words Strip her Bare

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He continues to drill her, his words, a proven point to harm her heart. Their sofa turns into an witness stand, as he rephrased the question over and over.  Her answer doesn’t  be of same mind,  so he just becomes more relentless. His voice elevates as the response isn’t clear and concise enough for him.


Her fragile heart cries, her voice tries to answer through her unspoken tears, the way her mind thinks. But his vile words of expression confuse her thoughts.  His intimidation, the hurtfulness from his lips, “the double-edged sword of love “rears its ugly self once more.


It’s 4am and it’s as cold as if an Arctic wind, blankets her body, as he slumbers in the same bed, hotter than hell. She tosses and turns in the attic of her confusion.


Why does he have to be so harsh, why does he think she has to answer a simple question, to his way of thinking. If not, it doesn’t stop until he reduces her to a pile of ruins! He strips her bare, it’s a naked coldness for her emotions. His tone hitting hard and all for what?


Love doesn’t have to be so wounding and merciless at times, does it? Is verbal abuse just as injurious, or does it devastate  more? Do words really hit harder than a fist? She’s not a coarse character, she is a girly girl, and breathes for love,  wears her heart on her sleeve, and they ( him) become one of the most precious to her heart. She would never hurt, lie, mislead or upset him.


As, she closes her eyes and wraps her heart up to protect it, thoughts will linger until first light. She leaves you with this, she loves with the deepest of love for him and hurts with the deepest of pain. Big or small, her wounds, still seem to bleed the same.



It reminds her of a song. Remind me, of all the things you use to do, that made me fall in love with you, Remind Me!




**Young Love***

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If authenticity was true in life, like vintage is to an old mans


Time would fathom all inadmissible evidence in a young

lover’s heart, compelled by each other by means of obsession,

tangled in the same web of confusion, with no means of escape.

Captured in the luminescent of their youth, time stands trial,

of love that has afflicted their soul.

Somewhere in time, emotions turn into motions of a defeated

heart, encircled by a secluded love ~ a faint memory beyond a

forgotten time.

Dani Thornton~Stock

My Soul Melts********

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To my sweet baby,


Not a minute passes, in which I don’t feel your love .I carry it inside of my heart. My heart is overwhelmed from time to time for the love I feel for you. My mind, can’t stop wanting to immerse itself by touching you. Sometimes, when I caress your body, my soul melts, my skin covers yours, like a satin sheet, which covers all of you, as you slumber. I merge on so many different occasions, on one given day, when I am with you. You have become everything to me, and without you, Your love, touch, gentle words, I would no longer reside in this body.


And, I’m thanking God  once again, for sending such a beautiful man to me, my lover, my prince, my best friend, the best gift I have ever received. You are my hearts treasures.


I love you. forever and a day.


Oceans of love and a kiss on every wave. Your passionate one!