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Let fall our garments,shield our bodies by means of Truth ~

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Passion flares at the forbidden taste, which emerges upon the

foundation of innocent lips.

Take pleasure in, I have something to bestow you, a portion of

my heart, which you have longed for…

The afterthought remains overt; two hearts collide through

blamelessness of childhood magnificence.

Drizzling, Pink Sapphire kisses ~ showering from affectionate

colored skies, absorb within my flesh, like sweet-scented perfume

which envelopes the perimeter of thy heart.

Let fall our garments, shield our bodies by means of truth ~

truss our love, favorably on a magic carpet ride.

Destination, established dreams within mirror images, of two

souls enticing friction, sweet brow drippings designate a formula,

branded sweltering passion.

Lying amongst alabaster extremity, within unblemished

shallow meadows, my heart pulsates with the rhythm of your


For the hours of darkness are young, a rare find of childish

treasures, consummated after decades of searching, only to

detour back in time, en route for childhood magnificence.

Dani Thornton~Stock


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Always ~ kiss me good night, as we lie sandwiched between

secrets in lace. Keep your arms near, to my velvety skin that

inhabits at the essence of your being; enmesh your limbs around

my soul.


Take your finger ~ emboss the delicate scent which flows

straight from my heart.


Love me; captivate my spirit with the passion, in which I am

caught up in a downpour, commencing from your arteries, like

vintage wine, beyond the cost that a heart can meet the expense



Softly whisper my name, as you indulge in my affection, which

brings forth an enticing emotion to ravish this naked body.

Encumber your soul with the knowledge of sensual fantasies,

in which impairs your vision to a love; you thought never existed,

merely hiding in the shadows of embarrassment, within a

passionate heart.


©Dani Thornton~Stock

**Young Love***

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If authenticity was true in life, like vintage is to an old mans


Time would fathom all inadmissible evidence in a young

lover’s heart, compelled by each other by means of obsession,

tangled in the same web of confusion, with no means of escape.

Captured in the luminescent of their youth, time stands trial,

of love that has afflicted their soul.

Somewhere in time, emotions turn into motions of a defeated

heart, encircled by a secluded love ~ a faint memory beyond a

forgotten time.

Dani Thornton~Stock

Solitary Petal

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Each time your beautiful chocolate eyes scrutinize an elegant


scarlet rose, remember me…


As it thrives in the warmness of the sun ~ drinks of the rain for


its continued existence, remember me…


Your persisted love, has taught me to take in love, as my walls


tumble. Like that of the petals that have fallen softly to the


ground. Our hearts have endured many windstorms, many in


which have trampled my soul.


The delicate scent which lingers behind, in the coolest of


nights will by no means subside.


As my memories take a rest on makeshift bed of rose petals, I


will always remember how you took hold of this fragile heart ~


radiated love into this imperfection of a girl…


So, with every single rhythm of your heart, remember me…


As I, will by no means close my eyes to the love that we shared.


This solitary petal that you embrace within your palm is a


souvenir of my heart, for all eternity.


I resolve to forever ~ love you…

Translucent Lips

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As I, acquaint myself with the clandestine essence which


reference’s divine passion, our souls merge, riding on top of


winter white waves, which bask on secluded shore.


Enmeshed hearts reflect passion ~ which is absorbed into an


astonishing horizon.


As you, efficiently kiss translucent lips, “smothered” encircled


by crystals, resembling sugar cane ~ whereabouts grows within a


tropical paradise, I collapse within commanding physique.


My body frail ~ torched by obsession, burning in the vein of


fire beneath heaven, an inferno which only portrays hell itself.


Tiptoeing within ashes of dysfunction, pleasurable gardens


reside by means of your responsive touch.


Revive me my love, with kisses until eternity…


Bring life to my soul; disrobe my chains ~ which have shackled


my heart, provoke my spirit, as the forthcoming of an


extraordinary daybreak, relentlessly, forever relentlessly.


Copyright Dani Thornton-Stock


In a Heartbeat……..

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 I don’t know where to start, so many emotions for you my love. Where are conversations come from, Wow! 

I think  about loving you forever also, yes that final connection where two become one, body, mind and spirit. The thought just overwhelms my body. Sweetheart, I am so so honored you would want to spend your final days with me. 

Words cannot explain that you want me to love you for eternity. Tears flood my vision. Baby, I am so enmeshed with you without touch, And my body quivers at that thought, the power of love, that is going to be present when we finally meet. I cannot even fathom a love like this, and I do believe in miracles. What an honor to be loved by a man like you, my precious, precious, man of mine.  

You captivate my thoughts, enrich my spirit, sooth my soul, your love dries my tears and Shelters me in your arms. In you baby, I want to get lost, lost in your love forever and ever, 40 plus years worth!   I want to love you, like you never have been loved and I want the same from you in return. I don’t want to find where you begin and I end. I want the moonlight to shine across our sweet faces, as we lay under crimson linens, together and dream, 

I want you to be the last one, I see before I sleep and the first one, and I see when I awake. I want to sweeten your coffee with morning kisses, whisper to you sweet and tender passionate wishes. I want you near to my heart. 

You have caressed my body without touch, only your words , do I recognize  and now I am waiting for you,  to caress my body with your heart, body and soul,

Take all of me, for I have finally surrendered to a love, that I thought, I would never witness.  

When the light of love within my heart, resemble a muted whisper, God pointed towards the east, and their you were , my darling, my prince ,on his white stallion, to rescue this broken heart from her darkness. 

 Baby, in a heartbeat……………….         


© Dani Thornton-Stock



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My mind stays hidden; it’s a safe haven for my soul. I feel I’m

not perfect ~ through perfection I would be would be worthy of

love. Through this shattered women’s eyes, and little girl’s heart,

worthy is a fathers love, daddy’s beautiful girl, a husbands most

precious gift.

Worthy is someone you cherish, the apple of your eye, the

joyousness you sense deep within your heart. Someone whom you

can’t imagine yourself without, whether it is a father or husband,

you are linked like no other, he becomes your place of haven…

The men you can trust ~ take rest in, you absorb his love; his

limbs become a sanctuary ~ to you. You astonish him, you are his

princess. You glisten bright as the brightest stars, hung amongst

heaven. Then knowing what storm encompasses your life,

sadness infiltrating your every thought, you will find refuge within

his soul.

Your heart gazes to him and smiles, it radiates perfection ~

there is no grander place to be. He is your source of strength, he

becomes everything. I’ve never experienced that intensity of love

beforehand. So the perfection level I keep for myself ~ is


Somewhere in time, I’ll sneak a glimpse to watch opened eyed,

at what I have never experienced. To frighten to expose my

imperfections, I linger myself in the shadows of my soul. For if I

stay to long…teardrops cascades now and again.

As it falls upon insolvent soundless heart, my mind rummages

around for that slice of me, which has been omitted my entire


Reality reflected by dreams; my heart swathe within my attic of


Copyright Dani Thornton~Stock