You’ll never look at life the same, The Sandpiper

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A lot to think about 😢❤️

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I cry everytime I read this. Life is so precious. Next time you meet someone, smile radiant beauty you just may be their sandpiper.

The Sandpiper  
by Robert Peterson  

She was six years old when I first met her on the beach near where I live.  
I drive to this beach, a distance of three or four miles, whenever the world  
begins to close in on me.  She was building a sand castle or something  
and looked up, her eyes as blue as the sea.  
‘Hello,’ she said.  
I answered with a nod, not really in the mood to bother with a small child.  
‘I’m building,’ she said.  
‘I see that.  What is it?’  I asked, not really caring.  
‘Oh, I don’t know, I just like the feel of…

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You surpass all beauty………

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To my beautiful friend, my gift,

 I think about all the time, you are such a beautiful woman, inside and out. I think about things you have shared about your life and at times my heart cries that someone as wonderful as you could have been through so much heartache. Life is all about change, and at times change seems so sad, that the silver lining in which we dream of, is so far out of reach.


 But I have stumbled upon, that if we keep a gentle spirit and a loving heart, good things will come to pass. Just look of what the keeper of the stars has blessed my life with.

I cherish everything about you; I see so much of you in myself. You are truly a gift to my heart. I am very sorry for the passing of your family member. If I could…

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Feminine Elegance……

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To my best friend! ❤️

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Feminine Elegance

There’s not a day, I fail to catch sight of, and I do not miss my

exquisite friend. She surpasses all beauty; she is the angel hovering

over my existence.

She’s a shoulder to lean on; an elegant silken hankie,

whereupon touches serenely tears ~ commencing afflicted


Her smile radiates, in the vein of morning sunrise beyond the

horizon. She is the gift God has sent to me.

She be acquainted with no color; she’s a princess in a toneless

world. Her heart is chaste, expressions take place within gentle

whispers, in the early hours fasten with an extraordinary soul.

She senses my web of confusion ~ spins it into the most

delicate of silk threads, even when her heart is fretful.

She’s the finest of what a woman can be. She has the grace of

a swan, child like innocence, which drifts on dreams sheathed in

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Sweet Obsession

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Orange blossoms begin to come into flower,

on the garden vine in my heart.


The sweet aroma sets forth a passage to a

clandestine affair.


Between fate and reality,

 your eyes reflect the beauty that is

seeping in and out of my soul.


Breathless, this sweet fragrance becomes

 toxic, I can’t  concede defeat. 

For it will  carry me away to indulge in the

 ecstasy of an  illicit fixation.


 I quietly amble barefoot,

 beyond you in my tattered

negligee, which once radiated life.


Now, the bare essentials are all I have to

 offer. You, effortlessly extend your

rugged  hands into mine, a perfect fit like

a glove of an evening suitor.


I hesitate, afraid, my body quivers. Will his

 heart merge with mine, and stumble upon

my frailties?


Will he gaze beyond the

uncertainties, which seem to linger in my



Or is the aroma…

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My Heart Cries

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Strength which lies within vast visions,

behind closed doors,

remains a spirited sanctuary. Winds which

seep, through cracks of

weather walls, whisper softly to an already

trodden soul.

I lie unresponsively ~ on tattered floor, as

my heart cries out…my tears fall between

crevices amid  heavens entry.

Deficient competence, brings to the fore my

 remnants, becomes unpromising.

I was expecting you, like the eye of the

 storm, tranquil and

magnificent. You observe me as I sleep

 lightly, whilst personal affects around me ~

 whirl out of control.

Threadbare pages of times gone by,

 portrayal of a masterpiece,

only distinguished by God…

As you kneel by my side, I’m conscious of

 succulent affect, like

the sun has position herself, through the

 windows of my restlessness.

Scatter my kisses to the wind; let it be

 reminiscent of thy heart,

which disperses fragments of a transparent

 effect, falling within

undisturbed ground…


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Fragments of Beauty

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To hurt, beyond the deepest pain, that is afflicted by the

proceedings of another. I roam a hectic thoroughfare, only to feel

the isolation, which has taken legal action over my mindset.

I feel that a hole has been pulverized throughout my soul. My

heart is traumatized ~ my body without sensation. Can I chance

upon myself, to find the internal potency; I necessitate elevating

my body, from bended knee?


Taste the tears, which plummet from my heart like rainfall.

Encase my soul with your hand filled with love, before I mislay it

at the foundation of an unoccupied vessel. The sorrowfulness

that has paralyzed my thoughts leaves me weeping in a shadowy

sterile highway.


To love this deeply yet again is something, I must abandon. To

open ones heart for the first time, was better left untouched. To

trust and confide in another’s soul, is the…

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So true  

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How often does a woman give all that she has and is to a man, and he has nothing in return to give?