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Sensation, Passion, missing You

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My Everything,

I’m leaving you a token of my love,a peace of my heart is here with yours. The first time from you and it is going to pain me, but I know it is just the next step in our journey together. Once this is completed, then it’s one more step and I can finally feel rooted. I’m trying to keep my head up; for it is only a few days. I am so use to being close to you, touching you, loving you; I surely will go into shock. So you will have some making up to do my baby. You are my drug of choice ” Your love ”

There are 7 wonders in this world and I have found number 8, I think history needs to rewrite itself. But you will have to remain a mystery to others. As only I can benefit from the knowledge of such exquisiteness.

Baby doll, I love you will all of my heart, body and soul. I have dreamed dreams of you, but to have you in my arms and in my life is unbelievable. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, do you know this? You are my light in a world that is full of darkness, anger and doubt. With you, I feel alive; I have given a chance to experience love for the very first time and it feels so right.

I could rewrite the poets lines on love, on feelings, that infiltrate my thoughts about you,and the feeling which overcomes me, with sensation and passion, as I caress your sweet unclothed body. Oh my love, what you do to me!

I’m not even gone yet, but tears start to appear, because I am going to miss my lover so very much. I know you will consume my mind, every second of every hour. As the sun rest her head high in an ebony sky, and you lay your head down to rest, close your eyes my sweet love and let me gently send you kisses to your handsome face. Baby my heart is right there beside you. Do you feel me, my legs embracing yours, my love tracing your outer lips, my soul on a one way ticket to fullfillment?

I love you, I miss you and want to imagine your arms holding me tight. I’m missing your voice, hearing you softly whispering where’s my baby girl. I have to stop this pen to parchment or you will catch me sobbing and you will be heading my way, to see what is wrong. I’m just missing you already my love and I’m not even gone yet.

This song comes to mind. ” if my heart had wings, I would fly to you as you dream ”

CALLING all Cupids

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Looking for unique love letters or poetry to post on Cashmere hearts blog, in celebration of ( lovers day ) Valentines Day.

If you have been bitten by the love bug, and would like to see your

LOVE Potion #9

posted on-line, please in box Cashmere……


Pssst……Just for You

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I thought of a traditional Happy New Year greeting and then I saw this,
 The Seven Wonders. This is my card to you. Close your eyes, and think of what you feel are the seven wonders of the world to you.
 Life is so very precious, seize each and every moment, take the time to enjoy, the little things around you.
 Love like is was the first time. Share like there is no tomorrow, raise your eyes to the heavens, and thank God, for  the  warm sun, is shinning on your sweet face, the next time you walk past a stranger, smile and  say hello, it may be the only one they receive.
Be a gift to everyone that you meet, for the shoes they walk in, we may never know. Love unconditionally, for someday you made need  unconditional love.
I wish you a wonderful New Year Each of you, hold a very special place in my heart,
 Forever and always.
I love you…………….Cashmere Heart

My Soul Melts********

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To my sweet baby,


Not a minute passes, in which I don’t feel your love .I carry it inside of my heart. My heart is overwhelmed from time to time for the love I feel for you. My mind, can’t stop wanting to immerse itself by touching you. Sometimes, when I caress your body, my soul melts, my skin covers yours, like a satin sheet, which covers all of you, as you slumber. I merge on so many different occasions, on one given day, when I am with you. You have become everything to me, and without you, Your love, touch, gentle words, I would no longer reside in this body.


And, I’m thanking God  once again, for sending such a beautiful man to me, my lover, my prince, my best friend, the best gift I have ever received. You are my hearts treasures.


I love you. forever and a day.


Oceans of love and a kiss on every wave. Your passionate one!

Stripping me Bare

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I love you, with all of my heart and soul. You are so good to my heart, more than anything, when you reach for me, I  feel your love, pouring out of you. Thank you, for  cooling your jets,  you are truly a man of your word. I see myself as a delicate flower, slowing starting to blossom outwardly into the  flower God  had set forth in my life’s path.
A bud held tightly together, thoughts immersing  themselves only through  words transcribe on paper. Thoughts, know one can take from you or  change the meaning, for they  belonged to me and me only. Baby. I cannot share with you enough, you have touched something inside of me ,that has been untouchable.  The man that you are, the touch that you have, the love and gentleness in which you display, are all stripping me bare. And for the first time in my life, my heart is starting to feel light and unrestricted. What a awesome feeling when I can stand and feel secure and transparent, in loving and taking in love. If I could give a noble peace prize award for a formula called Love, Baby, you would be the winner.  You have already surpass my  hearts capacity to feel any type of love and I know it is just the beginning and we are  going to blow it away, our love will become untouchable. and through time and testimony  we will show all of a powerful  powerful love. A closeness that most only dream of. 
In a short version, you are the most precious thing in my life and your love kisses my heart  with every beat, that I take.
Oceans of love and a kiss on every wave, sweetheart.  Your girl,Cashmereheart

I was Addicted to Love

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I was thinking about what I wrote in the Color of Love, and it hit me like a lightening bolt had shorted out my circuits. There was a time in my past, seems a life time ago, I did LOVE deeply and completely. I had forced it so far out of my mind it didn’t exist anymore.

I had been madly, truly, deeply in love with a man, we will call him “Truth” a fictitious name of course. We weren’t meant to fall in love; we were friends with very little in common. He was tall dark and handsome, his eyes were dark as a raven, his laugh infectious, he was a strong man yet gentle and we were fearless with our love, our world seem to not exist anymore. The only thing that mattered was him and I, almost as if we were Adam and Eve, no boundaries, no rules.

Our love was spontaneous, a secret language, a poetic waltz. We traded secrets, had pillow fights and dreamed of being insanely wild. We indulged in each others affection, like a starved man, stuffing his belly with food he so desperately needed. We left impression on fine linen sheets as we lay there barefaced and shameless.

Nothing written was ever left, no marks, no words, it was torn, discarded hidden within our memories. For if found death to our love would surely come. As the sun set over the pacific with rich shades of amber, reds and gold’s the deepest part of us began to take hold.

We were addicted to love; our hearts raced pounding more violent with each sighting. We belonged on different sides of the tracks, no one would approve, so our love kept silent, except for the times we could steal away. The street lamps became our compass, our beacon to shallow safe waters.

What we most desired lasted about a year and the ties had to be severed. He was leaving and I wouldn’t go. The pain was so great I felt I had died and was just functioning in an empty shell, nothing seemed to matter anymore. I was wounded beyond my hearts capacity to feel, I was so numb you would call my name and I couldn’t hear you, for I became deaf.

I cried night after night in my shower for then no one knew my tears were falling; they became one with the water. I cried for years and begged for God to take him out of my mind, out of my heart. And I made a deal with God, if he did I would never love that intensely again and I didn’t for what seemed like eternity.

I ran into him many many years later; we just happened to walk past each other in a city neither one of us belonged. He was so angry with me, still after all those years, he said he had looked for me like a parent looks and dreams for their lost child. He looked in places we use to meet; he would look towards the sunsets over the pacific for a sign, with no hope. He told me that he would never forgive me and this crushed my heart.

Leaving him was the hardest thing I have ever endured; the pain is something I never would wish on anyone. My heart was ripped out of my body lying on the cold hard ground, dying. I saw him a few times as old friend, but my heart was guarded and I had made that deal with God, oh so long ago and I had to keep my side of the bargain and I did. I remembered our love like it was yesterday, I just could not ever bare the hurt to that degree again. I heard he finally married and I hope he is happy. He remains a vision of loveliness within my heart and will forever more.

                   Copyright  Dani Thornton-Stock ~ Cashmereheart




You surpass all beauty………

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To my beautiful friend, my gift,

 I think about all the time, you are such a beautiful woman, inside and out. I think about things you have shared about your life and at times my heart cries that someone as wonderful as you could have been through so much heartache. Life is all about change, and at times change seems so sad, that the silver lining in which we dream of, is so far out of reach.


 But I have stumbled upon, that if we keep a gentle spirit and a loving heart, good things will come to pass. Just look of what the keeper of the stars has blessed my life with.

I cherish everything about you; I see so much of you in myself. You are truly a gift to my heart. I am very sorry for the passing of your family member. If I could carry any of your pain, I surly would, it reminds me of the scripture   Ecclesiastes 3.1

 (A time for everything).

When God closes a door he opens a window.

 The next time you look in the mirror, look at the beautiful woman whom lives inside of you, a mother, a child, a friend, Think of all the lives you have affected with your loving spirit. Take a deep breath and breathe in the love that surrounds you. You should be immersed in love, because you will be given back the measures you have given. You surpass all beauty; you are the angel hovering over my existence. You are the finest of what a woman can be. I want you to know how precious you are to me, you are truly the reflection, within the mirror, that I would be honored, to be able radiate the astonishing character in which emits  from your soul.


Thank you, for the gift of being a part of my life and having a very special place in my heart. There is no greater gift. It is all about the little things in our lives, what the heart can give and money cannot buy.

Oceans of love and a kiss on every wave,

  I love you, Forever and a day,

Cashmereheart Dani