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Angel Bereaved ~

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Has your heart endured?

Emotional Seclusion

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What is left of her life, when she resides beneath ebony skies, emotional seclusion. Their is light surrounding, the room is full of things, sounds, smells and yet she feels so isolated. She feels as, a whisper in a taunting wind and an uncompromising kind, spirals towards total darkness itself.

He sees, but he does not hear, he listens, but does not see. Her heart is swirling losing control, lost, its time to expire may be near, yet she can witness his heart beat, smell his sweet breath, feel is touch, distinguish his tone and take refuge within laughter, if only for a brief encounter.

Her mind walks a desolate highway, while he watches the other direction, gazing fake reality. As she withdraws, deeper within herself, the walls of discouragement blind her sight. She becomes cold, shivers, an emotional nakedness covers her flesh. Voices beckons her name, now she lens a deaf ear, it is all she can handle.

Engulfed in his own private thoughts, he forgets Her feelings, Her hurts, her scars, her needs. For her heart pleads, for an morsel of affection, for it is more precious than gold, a reaching hand, a soft tone, a word of encouragement, yet he desires, his own importance. She prays, before its too late, he realizes what really is the most important piece of his existence.

Without his love, she slowly withers, like a flower near death, waiting for the rains to come to reive it again.

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Sweltering PASSION

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She wanders within halls of loneliness, she waits for a gesture from him, yet he is clueless. She loves him with every fiber of his being, yet he thinks just residing within the same corridors is enough for her, but it is so far from truth.

She holds on to that thread of life that he will remind her of the man she fell madly in love with. The emotions are close at heart; they are real, just vacant shelved waiting their time to expire.   Does he love her enough to reach for her, to shelter her heart, or does he really give consideration to it?

Her heart has instructions, not by words on paper, but in her tears, her non verbal expressions. Does he care enough to learn how to interpret them; she knows he loves her even through unsympathetic ambiance.

She aches and wants with the deepest of passion but it cascades on deaf ears. Does he damage her love by neglect? She waits silently, waiting for a sign, a token of his affection, hopefully by the time he realizes, her love hasn’t vanished.

The autograph of his love, written within her heart, absorbed within her soul, has to be worth waiting for……….


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A Thousand Sensations

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He calls for me from his whispers, my soul aches for his passion…

Nectar rest on his sun barren lips, yet it is forbidden. For I do not witness, I cannot become consumed, for I slumber in harmony with promise. Does he flirt with my senses, brush by me with his smile, take refuge within hours of darkness with another………

Do I ponder, do I forget, or do I plunge into his arms, engulfing in flames of desires……..

Is the promise in my heart so tarnished, lonely, fragile, weaken and saturated with neglect, that he will imprison my restlessness……

My mind tiptoes across the movement of his tone, his craving wants and needs of love, blankets my soul. For undeniable pleasure is a tear drop away.

Xo Cashmereheart


As he ………………

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He closes his eyes and slumbers, as I lay, eyes wide open. My heart beats as one with his, as my hand gently runs through his auburn hair. I smile at him, I sense that he feels it with his soul. My tears fall upon a wounded soul, a heart so full of love, but oh so empty.

I quietly pray for him, His health, his mind, his worn out body, years being beaten, emotionally and physically.

His hard to love, yet he is everything to me. His love is unconditional for me, no matter the weather it doesn’t alter. Me, I have a gypsies heart, at the first sight of hurt, my cart is drawn and my heart becomes guarded, shall I travel that road again?

For the deeper the love, the deeper the pain. I close my eyes and regain consciousness. Reality now takes over, as darkness gives way to a new day. I hear his voice, ” I love you baby ” as he kisses me good morning. I roll over to his side, my face pressed against his pillow. I breathe him in and one more time, I know I’m going to be alright.

Sometimes the empty shadows are the hardest for me to handle. My mind wanders, as he slumbers.

Cashmereheart 2012


Every Breath

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The light of love does not always shine bright, from his soul, but I know that he loves me, I am his world. As the sun closes at the end of day, my soul thirst for what I know he has hidden from sight. If he could witness how much I long for his gentleness, he would surly render on bended knee.

It makes my heart sad at times, that life passes him by and the love that he so has desired he doesn’t know how to receive.

For my breath of life is in him……