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” A gift of kindness”

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Do you ever wonder, what life would be like without you being born?

I starting writing this post and I received a message that a mother in her late 30s fainted today, hit her head and went to be with the Lord. Leaving behind 2
little boys. And it stop me right in my tracks. It could happen to any of us.

Life is so precious, life is never promised. All the wealth in this world cannot resume breath into her body. Her family  will never be the same, nor will the people she has touched in her life, maybe just by her smile, a kind word, a warm embrace, a gift of kindness. 

Her children will be the testimony to her love, her character, and all that she had given them, through her patience, time, tears, hugs, encouragement, laughter, her faith, fun, discipline and maybe just that mothers look, of ” I don’t think so ” 

I pray she lives on through her children, her husband, and  her friends. That every shed tear, is a reminder of her greatness, gratitude, and most of all her LOVE. 

We so often, get wrapped up in this thing called life and its luxuries, that we forget, that people,  all people have feelings and hurt and love and what was once there, may be taken away in a heartbeat. No second chances, no do overs, no I’m sorry.  

So today, let it be everyones goal, to give a gift,  not touchable treasures but ” A GIFT OF KINDNESS” 

Please lift this family up in prayer, and don’t allow another sun to rise and fall without giving your gift of kindness. You know,  who is in need of it most, my friend.

Sending hugs, and may life give you love, happiness, gentleness, compassion, peace, health,  joy, wisdom and a thankful heart for those who have prayed for you and loved you. 


Xo Cashmereheart 


Angel Bereaved ~

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Has your heart endured?

Why not start today?

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Emotional Seclusion

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What is left of her life, when she resides beneath ebony skies, emotional seclusion. Their is light surrounding, the room is full of things, sounds, smells and yet she feels so isolated. She feels as, a whisper in a taunting wind and an uncompromising kind, spirals towards total darkness itself.

He sees, but he does not hear, he listens, but does not see. Her heart is swirling losing control, lost, its time to expire may be near, yet she can witness his heart beat, smell his sweet breath, feel is touch, distinguish his tone and take refuge within laughter, if only for a brief encounter.

Her mind walks a desolate highway, while he watches the other direction, gazing fake reality. As she withdraws, deeper within herself, the walls of discouragement blind her sight. She becomes cold, shivers, an emotional nakedness covers her flesh. Voices beckons her name, now she lens a deaf ear, it is all she can handle.

Engulfed in his own private thoughts, he forgets Her feelings, Her hurts, her scars, her needs. For her heart pleads, for an morsel of affection, for it is more precious than gold, a reaching hand, a soft tone, a word of encouragement, yet he desires, his own importance. She prays, before its too late, he realizes what really is the most important piece of his existence.

Without his love, she slowly withers, like a flower near death, waiting for the rains to come to reive it again.

Cashmereheart XO
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It’s not how many breaths we take….. It’s the moments that take our breath away…❤

Sweltering PASSION

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I love him with a passion like no other. My mind revolves around his profile, the crows feet which bare witness to his life’s encounters. He says he has endured so much, but really he has experienced so very little. My undying love is an unfamiliar kind, to his way of thinking, yet he needs it for his very existence.

I sense it, when he wraps his arms around me, engulfing my flesh with his strong barren arms. For the deep sigh, which comes from the depths of his soul, emerges like a breath which has given him life. A gasp for pure love, which is then carried through his veins. A ragging flame that refuses to relinquish.

Forever is not long enough.

To be cont.

Cashmereheart Xo