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Sweltering PASSION

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I love him with a passion like no other. My mind revolves around his profile, the crows feet which bare witness to his life’s encounters. He says he has endured so much, but really he has experienced so very little. My undying love is an unfamiliar kind, to his way of thinking, yet he needs it for his very existence.

I sense it, when he wraps his arms around me, engulfing my flesh with his strong barren arms. For the deep sigh, which comes from the depths of his soul, emerges like a breath which has given him life. A gasp for pure love, which is then carried through his veins. A ragging flame that refuses to relinquish.

Forever is not long enough.

To be cont.

Cashmereheart Xo


A Thousand Sensations

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He calls for me from his whispers, my soul aches for his passion…

Nectar rest on his sun barren lips, yet it is forbidden. For I do not witness, I cannot become consumed, for I slumber in harmony with promise. Does he flirt with my senses, brush by me with his smile, take refuge within hours of darkness with another………

Do I ponder, do I forget, or do I plunge into his arms, engulfing in flames of desires……..

Is the promise in my heart so tarnished, lonely, fragile, weaken and saturated with neglect, that he will imprison my restlessness……

My mind tiptoes across the movement of his tone, his craving wants and needs of love, blankets my soul. For undeniable pleasure is a tear drop away.

Xo Cashmereheart